Corporate Philosophy

Excellent company in the world even small !
  1. Contribute to society through our business operations and continuous innovation in technology.
  2. Ensure that we provide products that are valued by our customers and earn their trust.
  3. Strive to raise awareness and develop human resources, and create a workplace where each and every one of us grows and has a sense of satisfaction.

Environmental plan in the 2023 fiscal year

Handing the beautiful and livable Earth to the next generations

GRANOPT CO., LTD. carries out business activities as a top manufacturer of rare earth iron garnet single crystals,and we have established environmental policy as a means of leaving a beautiful Earth that's easy to live in behind for the next generation, carrying out environmental conversation activities proactively and continuously.

  1. By strengthening our frameworks for meeting the requirements of related laws, ordinances, and other regulations, we aim to reduce environmental risks and eliminate compliance violations.
  2. Through improvement of operating conditions and stabilization of operation maintenance, we are making efforts to reduce greenhouse gases alongside promotion of biodiversity preservation.
  3. In order to achieve environmental objectives and goals, we will strive to work together to systematically take activities for the maintenance and improvement of the environmental performance.
  4. We promote the business activities in all departments based on the following environmental goals.
    • 1)Reduction of power intensity through energy-saving activities.
    • 2)Reduction of waste alkali generation per unit.
    • 3)Sorting, collecting, and reducing waste materials.
    • 4)Promotion of responses to the increase in natural hazards such as abnormal weather.
  5. We ensure all employees are sufficiently aware of this environmental policy and also make it publicly available.

Quality plan in the 2023 fiscal year

Contributing to the development of optical communication by supplying high-quality products
  1. The company will establish a direct sales system to enhance customer service and maintain the industry's top market share.
  2. In order to increase the supply capacity that follows market growth, we will promote automation.
  3. Continuously improve yields and productivity to strengthen cost competitiveness.
  4. Ensure safety and compliance, and improve future risks.
  5. Strengthen collaboration with key suppliers and increase competitiveness in the optical communications market.